Mediation Training Courses

I work as a mediator, trainer and instructor in various mediation schools with my main focus on the following areas

  • Mediation in an intercultural context
  • Border-crossing mediation
  • Creativity techniques in mediation
  • Storytelling in mediation
  • Strong emotions in mediation
  • Mediation in teams and groups
  • The method of playback theatre in group and team conflicts


I always lay a lot of importance on the balance between a scientific-theoretical approach and relevant activity-orientated practice.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in hosting a training course in one of the above-mentioned areas at your institute.

Current Training Courses

  • Formation "Mediation in Companies and Organisations" by Peter Knapp coaches & catalysts Ltd
    Co-Instructor with Peter Knapp, 2010/2011
    Further information: Homepage Peter Knapp
  • Formation "Conflict Mediation" at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences, Berlin
    Instructor for the two-year general mediation training, 2010/2011 Instructor for intercultural mediation, 2010
    Further information: Homepage ASH
  • Franco-German Formation "Intercultural Mediation" at the REGC Paris/Berlin
    Instructor at the binational mediation training, 2010/2011
    Further information: Homepage REGC
  • Formation "Business Mediation" at the Mediation Academy Berlin
    Instructor for the module "Business mediation in an intercultural context" in the formation courses in Berlin, La Gomera and Toskana, 2010/2011
    Further information: Homepage MAB
  • Formation "Intercultural Mediation" at Interculture, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena
    Currently developing the university's advanced training course Begins 2011/2012
    Further information: Homepage interculture


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