Are you looking for a qualified training session / seminar for your company, organisation or educational institution under one of the following headings?

All training sessions and seminars can be tailor-made to suit your interests.
I would be happy to meet you for a non-binding meeting, work out with you which formats or concepts would suit your needs and make you an offer.


Setting your own limits, voicing critique, giving feedback, conducting conversations with colleagues, discussing disagreements, handling unhappy customers – everyday work sets us many difficult conversational challenges, which demand good and effective communication skills. In order to reach your own conversational aims whilst also responding to others, you need skill and compassion, both of which can be learnt.

I can offer you a formation through which you acquire background knowledge on communication, tools for confident communication in difficult situations and self-assurance through practice and training.

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Intercultural Communication

In the increasingly mobile and globalised world that we live in, contact with people from other cultures has become part of our day-to-day lives, making them more vibrant and diverse. However, unfamiliar ways of behaving and communicating, foreign customs and the collision of different perceptions, ways of thinking and values can often lead to upset and tension.
Especially in the working world, when international teams have to work together constructively, cultural differences can lead to tensions in work procedure, behaviour and communication and can affect the work ethic.
Training sessions raise awareness of cultural differences, provoke self-reflection on our own culture and confront prejudices and stereotypes. They provide an optimal preparation to help you deal with intercultural challenges in a competent, confident and constructive way, to ensure good co-work, to relieve unnecessary tensions and avoid frictional losses.

I offer tailor-made training sessions for companies who want to offer their staff the chance to develop their intercultural competences and also for educational institutions who would like their students and doctorands to acquire this key competency.

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Conflict management & mediation

Both openly public disputes and more private conflicts simmering under the surface can be a substantial hindrance in work life and also in private life. However, it is not simply the existence of the conflicts themselves that leads to the negative consequences but rather the way we handle them. A mature and competent way of handling different ideas and demands will not only help to prevent conflicts from arising but will also help to deal with already arisen conflicts in a constructive way, using them as an opportunity for positive change.
In a qualified training session you will develop an understanding for conflict dynamics, practice constructive communication strategies and learn methods of conflict mediation. These will help you to handle arguments and conflicts in a constructive way and thus considerably improve your quality of life and work.

As a mediator and instructor I offer seminars and training sessions for companies and educational institutions to learn the key competency of dealing with conflicts constructively. These seminars include both theoretical input and hands-on practice and will be tailored to suit your personal needs.

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Team development

“Teams change, one way or another” (A. Redlich). However, in some recessions stagnation sets in and stormy phases can lead you in a direction that nobody wanted to go. Especially heterogeneous and international teams have a great potential, which can easily go lost in unforeseen turbulences.

In a professionally-lead team development seminar such dangers can be uncovered and averted, roles and the allocation of duties can be made clear, communication structures can be improved and strengths can be optimised. A constructive way of dealing with conflicts within the team can be learnt and work efficiency and satisfaction can be improved. I offer a variety of different team development sessions depending on your interests and wishes and would be happy to advise you in a non-binding preliminary meeting.

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Creativity Techniques

Creativity Techniques are tools. Tools for thought. They help our brains in the search for new ideas and possible solutions. We are used to a more rational, linear way of thinking and in many situations this is very effective. However, in order to find solutions for problems, which most probably resulted from linear thinking, we need to use new ways of thinking to generate new ideas. For old, familiar views and thought processes often lead to old, familiar results and solutions.
Creativity Techniques help us to view problems from a new angle, to activate all spheres of knowledge, to approach solutions and to create new bonds. Aside from rational thinking, they enable us to access the jewels of our subconscious and to use our intuition, to capture their symbolic and encrypted meanings and reproduce them.


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More than teaching a man anything, it's about helping him to find it for himself.

Galileo Galilei